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Care and maintenance
Prova Alu is made of weather-resistant materials making it suitable for both interior and exterior use. Prova Alu should not, however, be mounted in chemically aggressive environments, such as in coastal or industrial areas.

To ensure the banister remains bright and shiny, it should be cleaned regularly (once to three times per year) with a mild detergent or auto shampoo.

For various reasons, the aluminium surface can become discoloured over time. This can usually be removed using everyday household cleaning materials. Be careful not to use cleaning utensils previously used to clean other metallic surfaces, however, as metal particles may have been deposited herein. These particles can settle on the aluminium surface and rust.

We recommend the following cleaning methods

Conventional cleaning
Most spots can be removed using clean water and a lint-free cloth.

Rust film
Rust film can be removed using powdered lime and methylated spirit.  Dampen a cloth with methylated spirit and apply a thin layer of powdered lime – the lime has an abrasive effect which removes the rust film. Use methylated spirit and powdered lime as needed.

Sticky finger marks
Use soap spuds or a small concentration of dishwashing liquid diluted in water.

Grease or oil spots
Use acetone for larger grease or oil spots. It may be necessary to clean the area multiple times in order to remove the spot completely.

Cleaning materials which must NOT be used on stainless steel:

  • Cleaning materials containing bleach
  • Bleaching agents. Should the stainless steel surface come into contact with a bleaching agent, the surface must be rinsed with water immediately.
  • Silver polish

Exterior wooden handrails
Pine- or beechwood handrails should not be used outdoors. The handrail absorbs moisture which causes the diameter to increase and the joint between the fitting and the handrail to become uneven. Only teak and other oil-rich woods are recommended.

If using wooden handrails for exterior use, one should seek advice on the care and maintenance of these.

Wood from tropical regions is often been treated against termites and other wood-destroying pests using CCA (chromated copper arsenate). Prova Alu should not be used in combination with wooden constructions treated with CCA.

The Prova Alu Banister System is a safety measure and should thus be checked for loose joints annually. The two metals, copper and aluminium, should not be used together. Avoid, therefore, using Prova Alu in combination with copper roofs and gutters, for example.